FIVE Reasons for doing camping

Scripture Union has always believed and still does believe in earning the right to speak into the lives of young people. We believe that camping creates unique opportunities to build these relationships and also refreshing ways to communicate the Gospel to young people. SU has made use of camping for about 80 years in South Africa and we still see hundreds of young people committing their lives to God as a direct result of our camping ministry.

So let’s get to the benefits of camping…

  • To create a safe temporal community in order to build relationships. Young people get out of their normal environment and spend time in a new community and identity.
  • To share our Christian faith and lives with children and young people. The aim for building relationships is not just to enable us to sign kumbaya together and end up in a group hug. The aim is to allow those attending an opportunity to encounter God in nature and make a decision about him.
  • To give children and teenagers a great holiday experience so that they identify the Christian life as something positive and satisfying. A good camp experience destroys the notion that the Christian faith is dull and boring.
  • To introduce young people to God through His creation and to expose them to the wonders of nature and the benefit of being outdoors. Today’s technology imprisons people in boxes with minimal exposure to nature.
  • To have fun and to make new friends. Someone once said, “it is a sin to bore young people with the gospel.”

Over the next few weeks we will be looking at how to plan a camp, how to train your directors, team dynamics and some fun ways of using everyday items as game equipment.

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